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Service Description

Keeping beds properly maintained can be an unforeseen challenge for homeowners with newly installed landscapes.

A high-maintenance landscape may have many beds to enhance outdoor areas and home entrances. More perennials, shrubs, annuals, water features, and lighting means more maintenance.

Low-maintenance landscapes are mainly grass and just a few beds. A few tall shrubs or trees mean just mulch and occasional hand pruning, along with mowing the grass.

What maintenance is required to keep planting beds looking their best?

Beds should be spade edged by hand in spring and refreshed every 8-10 weeks. Beds should be kept weeded on a monthly basis. In spring, we put down mulch and pre-emergent. Groundcover should be kept trimmed down, and prevented from invading surrounding plants. Shrubs need to be hand pruned to maintain a natural look and also trimmed back from the house. Dead branches from any trees would need to be cleaned up regularly. Additionally, roses need to be pruned until fall to keep blossoms in full show.

We suggest at least a 5-step program, which is every 8-10 weeks. A one-time cleanup can’t address this dilemma. Perennials and shrubs are pruned just after blooming in early spring or in late fall after new growth has hardened off. Evergreens are not cut back substantially, just shaped as needed for a natural look.

... And anything else that needs to be done to tidy up your lawn?

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