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Service Description

Spruce up your outdoor area with the perfect plant life or garden for your yard. JGB Landscaping’s planting service combines consultation and installation to give your backyard a beautiful balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Site preparation is key for any garden. Avoid planting your garden close to or beneath trees and shrubs because shade and the competition for nutrients and water may reduce vegetable growth. If a garden must be planted near trees, reserve the sunniest spot for vegetables grown for their fruit or seeds.

Plants grown for their leaves or roots can be grown in partial shade. Because water is required by vegetables, especially during droughty periods, a site within close proximity to the house should be considered; this site is usually located close to an abundant water supply. Also, people are more likely to work in the garden and check for pests when the garden is close to the house.

Garden renovation can be a daunting task when rearranging, removing, and replanting. Such is the nature of gardening — the constant tinkering that most of us find an endearing endeavor, a labor of love. Sometimes, renovating the garden involves simply removing existing plants due to over-enthusiastic growth and sometimes it requires all out tree and shrub removal due to ill health or weather damage.

Renovating the garden through tree and shrub removal due to size requires some consideration as to how big is too big. Larger trees should be removed by a professional tree service that is trained to avoid damaging property and has the proper safety equipment.

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