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Service Description

Most people assume that power washing services are best done with high pressure. However, not all surfaces can withstand high pressure power washing and must be handled more delicately. Roofs, vinyl siding and some wood may need soft washing.

Power Washing

Serving Port Washington, New York and the surrounding areas, JGB Landscaping LLC, is an experienced power washing expert. Allow us to care for your most valuable investment, your home, by carefully washing the exterior in order to remove dirt, mold, mildew, cobwebs and more.

There likely is nothing that will rejuvenate your home and make it shine like new at a lower cost than power washing.

Our team is experienced in using hot and/or cold water at high or low pressure, depending on the type of surface being cleaned. If chemicals are needed, we only use those that are proven to be eco-friendly and that will not damage plants.

Take a look around your home and imagine what it would look like after our clean team finished with its exterior house cleaning. Our crew never misses a spot and can provide pressure washing for thorough roof cleaning and driveway cleaning. Other surfaces we can renew include:

  • 1. Sidewalk and Patios.
  • 2. Decks.
  • 3. Siding.
  • 4. Gutters.
  • 5. Outdoor Furniture.
  • 6. Playground Equipment.
  • 7. Retaining Walls.

... And anything else that needs to be done to tidy up your lawn?

JGB Landscaping LLC, Complete Solution for Your Landscaping Vision.