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Service Description

Spring and fall are the perfect times to grade or seed your lawn. Whether it’s a new lawn or one in need of repair, our team will walk you through all the steps. We specialize in grading, seeding and installation.

Site preparation is key for any lawn. We also offer a wide variety of soil tests. Using an independent lab for testing. Soil tests allow us to pinpoint your individual turf needs. We specialize in both commercial and residential lawn management.

Thus, special attention must be given to your lawn, and particularly in this region, as we’ve witnessed unusually harsh winters and hot summers in recent years. So if you’re planting a new lawn, do it right! And one of the most effective ways to guarantee a lush and healthy lawn is seeding.

When to Seed?

When seeding a lawn, it’s very important to plant grass seeds directly in the soil. Most plots of ground have a “thatch” sitting on top of the soil, consisting of dead leaves, plants and other organic matter. If the grass seed is sown in the thatch rather than the soil, it will indeed germinate, but it will be weak.

To complete your landscape, we also offer superior lawn seeding for new lawns, as well as over-seeding for existing lawns. Our full line of speciality equipment allows us to provide fast and efficient Seeding

... And anything else that needs to be done to tidy up your lawn?

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