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Service Description

Proper trimming techniques will keep shrubs and hedges healthy and liven up your landscape. A good starting point for pruning any plant is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you see them. Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop.

We remove crossing branches, water sprouts (vigorous upright growing shoots that form on trunks or side branches), and suckers (vigorous shoots that develop near or from below ground). We also do smaller size trees – pruning, trimming and removing as well as stump removal.

Pruning is arguably one of the best things you can do for a plant if done correctly. Pruning diverts energy from plant endeavors and wood production; this can stimulate the growth of larger flowers and bigger fruit. Young shrubs are pruned lightly to encourage them to grow bushier. As shrubs grow and develop Dream Greener thins out old, weak and unproductive branches. Older plants may require more extensive trimming and neglected plants may require hard pruning. Some plants require thinning or selective pruning to create an airier look a more an airier look.

When to Prune?

The best time to prune depends upon the plant:

  • 1. Trim early-spring-flowering shrubs right after they bloom.
  • 2. Summer-flowering plants should be clipped in winter or early spring.
  • 3. For non-flowering plants, trim after new growth has completely formed.

Our trimming and pruning services keep your lawn trees, bushes, and shrubs looking great year-round. Let us provide trimming and pruning service as needed or on a schedule.

..And anything else that needs to be done to tidy up your lawn before winter.

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